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Practices run from mid-September thru June and take place at the Sylvania Schools Natatorium on the campus of Sylvania Northview High School

We offer three ability-based sessions on Sundays, as well as two combined weekday sessions, and a Saturday session.

Standard Practices typically consist of a warm-up, drills, a “star” or key set, and a cool-down.


4:00-5:00pm - STRONG SWIMMERS – Experienced swimmers who may have competed in high school, college, or participate in triathlons with a 1-mile swim time of less than 30 minutes. Should be capable of swimming at least three strokes; interested in improving aerobic ability as well as honing technique.

5:00-6:00pm INTERMEDIATE SWIMMERS – Experienced swimmers who may have participated in triathlons with a 1-mile swim time of less than 45-50 minutes but greater than 30 minutes. Capable of swimming at least two strokes; interested in improving technique while improving aerobic capability.

6:00-7:00pm for NEWER OR BEGINNING SWIMMERS – For both newer swimmers and beginners who are capable of swimming freestyle (front crawl) but in need of becoming more comfortable in the water through technique-based training (bi-lateral breathing, kicking, underwater stroke, etc.). Possible goal being to swim ½ mile in a triathlon and understand “sets” by the end of the season.


Tuesday and Thursday mornings 5:30–6:45am – combined practice for all swimmers

Please park in the following spots. The school has requested that we be out of the lot by 7am

  • One of the six visitor spots near the front enterance
  • Spots numbered 80-86 and 88-99 along Silica Rd
  • Spots numbered 61-78 which are in the second and third row from the front entrance


7:00-8:00am – combined practice for all swimmers

Weather Cancellation Policy

Lucas County Level 3 Snow Emergency - Practice Cancelled

Lucas County Level 2 Snow Emergency - Practice Cancelled

Sylvania Schools are Cancelled - Practice Cancelled

Lucas County Level 1 Snow Emergency - Practice is a GO!

Sylvania Schools are Delayed - Practice is a GO!


Be sure to bring your own towel, swimcap, and goggles. We strongly encourage you to bring a padlock to secure your belongings in a locker while you swim. We encourage you to wear sandals or some sort of footwear in the locker room and on the pool deck. Showers are available, so if you prefer to shower at Northview, bring your own shower supplies.

Some online websites for equipment are:

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events