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Swimming Etiquette

Circle Swimming

Circle swimming is required if there are more than two people in your lane. You'll start swimming down the right hand side of the lane and return on the left hand side swimming in a counterclockwise circle. Please take care not to swim down the middle of your lane or drift to the left (just like driving). The result of failing to do so is typically two swimmers smacking hands as they pass. Also, staying closer to the lane line creates space if a faster swimmer in your lane needs to pass.

Try to be on time, but if you're late.....

Jump in to the lane that best meets your ability, swim 100 meters (or 4 lengths) to get warmed up, then join your lane on whatever set they are doing. This keeps the swimmers in a given lane together and prevents traffic/flow issues.


Mind the send-offs (Example: 20 seconds rest) that Coach Andy lists on the board, but keep in mind they are suggestions. If there are more than two people in the lane, follow the "LIFO" or Last In First Out rule of thumb so that everyone receives ample rest and can start in set or task together. If a member of your lane is significantly slower than others, wait for the second to last person before heading off the wall. If you are the slower swimmer in a lane, don't hesitate to take a quick break if you are getting really winded or feel like you are holding your lane up. Wait for your lane to start again and join back in (word to the wise - do not rest then push off in front of your lane leader)

Lane Assignments

While there are no strict lane assignments, it is in your best interest to swim in a lane that aligns with your ability. From time to time, you may be asked by Coach Andy to move into a different lane for a specific set or as your ability changes throughout the year. This tends to be less of an issue on Sundays but can be an issue on Tuesday & Thursday mornings with limited pool space. When the pool is crowded, be patient...use the guidelines above for send-offs.

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