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ALTS Bridge Membership

What is it?

We currently offer a bridge membership to current and past ALTS participants who have progressed enough through private ALTS lessons to be able to join a swim practice. It costs $100 (August - May) and is for the Sunday night practice at 6-7pm only. The swimmer also must hold a current membership with USMS, and you will provide that membership number during the registration process. For 2019, the cost to join USMS is $52. 

You will likely share a lane with other swimmers, and receive tips from our on-deck coach (as opposed to having the instructor in the water with you). Be advised that there may be up to 4 swimmers in your lane, with varied skills. However, this practice is geared towards the beginning swimmer who is able to swim a minimum of 25 meters non-stop using freestyle.

None of the other practices during the week are available to an ALTS Bridge member due to there being a significant number of advanced swimmers at those practices, likely in every lane.  

Because this is a specialized membership, it requires prior approval by the coordinator of Sylvania Masters Swim Club, in order to ensure that this is a good fit for an ALTS participant. If you wish to join or have questions, please send an email to

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